Discovering Visa-Free Destinations for Pakistani Passport Holders

Foreigners unhappy with Pakistan’s tourist visa process

Tourism can be a country’s major contributor towards economic prosperity. Sadly, some nations haven’t yet fully understood on how to make the best out of this industry. Pakistan is one of the nations that is not easy to visit for tourists. The lack of digital solutions for travelers and dependency on the old ay to paper and print often leaves the new age travelers in unwanted hassle.

A British traveler recently posted his complaint on TikTok where he explains the troubles he and his travel partner faced while going through the tourist visa process.

The English traveler, who goes by the name of Mulvey on socil media, however made it to Pakistan despite the visa complications. It’s apparent from his TikTok (@m88ulv) that he and his travel partner are having quite a nice time in Pakistan.

What do you think can the authorities pf Pakistan’s foreign affairs department can fix to make the tourist visa process smoother for foreigners?

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